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Marla Mae: Your first time with her will be your last
Dripping Blood ...
Your first time with her ...
Will be your last.
coming soon ...

Applying to our first festivals for the upcoming season. Wish us luck!


Our score by Chris Cullman is nearing completion and we are SO stoked on what we've heard so far! Here's a taste!


Very excited to have Marco Mendoza doing our sound design and editing - he's already doing lots of weird stuff to get the perfect gore sounds. "My dude David helping me out with some sound design. Nothing's says gore like grapefruit. —Marco"


Filming our very last pickups with the recently free Jason Stange. Glad to have you out man!


Apparently we beat out Johnny Depp for having the most insane behind the scenes problems. Thanks for the publicity Jason :( Check it out at cracked!


It's been a crazy couple of days after the arrest of our lead actor has been making international headlines. Hardly any reports get the details right, but we can't complain about the publicity. This one got most of the facts right: BBC News


Filming is complete! I want to say THANK YOU to the Marla Mae crew and cast. There were long hours and insane days. This wasn't a set where people could slack off. And nobody did. Without everyone's dedication, this project wouldn't be even close to what it is. Thank you!